Specializing in taking your plain grey concrete and turning it into a custom concrete design. Get started on adding a new design and look to your home or business.


Stamped Concrete Advantages

  •  No sinking or uneven surfaces

  •  Durable, long lasting finish

  •  Easy and low maintenance

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More and more homes and companies in the West Michigan area are turning to stamped concrete to give them a truly unique look and feel. With a huge selection of stamps and colors to choose from we are confident that you will have a custom look that will add value to your home or office. Projects range from sidewalks and patios, concrete countertops, to large projects like driveways and pool areas. Whether it's commercial or residential you will get only quality work with every pour we stamp our reputation into.

Did You Know?

  • Cost 50% less than traditional pavers
  • More durable than other materials
  • 40 different stamp designs
  • Large selection of colors
  • Residential and commercial
Proudly Using Concrete's Top Stamps and Colors